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At long last: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes! November 30, 2007

Posted by Emily in Spain, teaching, working.

Perhaps my only real success thus far (although a few kids are very confused, namely kid right in the front, but this is nothing new.) On Thursday I got to teach the kids a number of words, among them “ambidextrous!”

So I’ll take my successes as they come. For your viewing enjoyment:




1. Annie Wright - December 6, 2007

nice! finally figuring out the comments section! Well, let’s see- mulletts- as a matter of fact there was just a printed out Power Point slide show circulating around 5N, hilarious. Don’t forget about the Mexi-mullett or mullatino. My friend Toni’s favorite ( she secretly wishes she was a minority, and only dates accordingly.) My personal favorite slang- to do with skiing- naturally- is “shredding the gnar” and lately Jonny T is emphatic about “schralping the gnar” although to be quite honest, I’m not sure schralping is better than shredding. Like shredder right? teenage Mutant Ninja style? Kick-ass. well, gotta say things are looking good around here! nice blog. nice here at the break with the new and improved fixed laptop. Things are looking up. Paul got a elk and celebrated his 40th in style. I threw a hell of a kegger for the guy. Now we’re just waiting on the snow. And leaving to house-sit in Anchorage the day after christmas! Yea! Ski vaca! and going PDR at the hospital for a bit- we got mad yurt trips coming up- already thrown down a deposit- can’t be missin those for working overy other weekend! anyhoo- gotta bust out! Talk to you soon- thanks for the call the other day too- by the way.You sounded good. Work, work work, although evenings I’m usually around. Was bummed to miss ya. But I miss ya ! Say hi to Pat for everyone!

2. Mom - December 10, 2007

Arghhh! I cannot watch/look at any of your videos/pictures as it is blocked by the school. I guess I’ll just have to satisfy myself with your writing – not such a bad thing afterall!

“Schralping the gnar?” Are we speaking English here, Annie? That’s not slang. That’s a language in an of itself! Amazing!

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