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How many metros have you been on? September 3, 2008

Posted by Emily in design, things that make me smile, Travel.

Combining my love of travel and graphic design (especially logos), I found the site http://metro.b3co.com/ kind of fun. It displays subway system logos from 162 cities, which you can click on to create a “badge.” My badge isn’t too impressive, but it made me remember some of the funkiness that can be found underground in some of my favorite cities. I love the Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre stop in Paris and the funky Calatrava-esque metro entrances in Valencia.  I miss the Russell Square stop I lived near in London and felt a different kind of loss when some of the London bombings took place between there and King’s Cross a few years ago. Plus, every tourist finds the “Mind the Gap” warning on the Underground charmingly British. It also made me want to go to Moscow, even if I spend most of my time going around in circles underground along with 2.529 billion other riders annually. TripAdvisor lists the metro as the #4 of 195 attractions in the city!

So, how many metros have you been on? Which are your favorites? Which do you avoid? Am I the only one who enjoys checking out subterranean travel options in a new city (and the myriad people watching opportunities they offer)?

RomeSan FranciscoMadridValenciaLondon
BrusselsParisBarcelonaParis RERCercanias Spain
San Francisco MUNIPortoLisbonSevilla
Got at b3co.com!



1. mego - September 3, 2008

LOVE it! I had some favorite stops in Paris as well.

The MAX light rail in Portland has one underground stop and it reminds me a little bit of Europe every time I’m there:

I didn't know it was the deepest

2. Rhiannon - September 7, 2008

you forgot SEPTA! how could forget our multiple journeys to Food Tek?

3. miamired - September 7, 2008

Duly noted. I have no idea how I could have spaced Food Tek, seeing as how they provided me with both financial security and scrumptious cheese steaks. (plus, adding SEPTA made my badge symmetrical–hooray!)

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