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An autumn weekend in Glacier November 23, 2008

Posted by Emily in a few of my favorite things, Montana, photography, Travel.
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This is a little late in coming, as I’ve been desperately trying to catch up on Flickr uploading after thousands of European photos, plus another summer’s worth, and very little internet access from February-August or so. Phew.

But I’ve finally gotten around to posting some of the many shots from the long weekend I spent in Glacier in early October. I took a class through UM’s Wilderness Institute taught by Tim Cooper of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, and it was sort of a funny hodgepodge of students and professors, current and retired, and friends and strangers. Outwardly, we had very little in common–but we were all interested enough in photography to think mile long hikes could take two hours.

One of the biggest issues with traveling with others when you like to stop every fifteen feet and take a photo (or ten) is that you don’t find many people so patient, and even with them I’m hesitant to take away from their experience. When you go out walking with no plan BUT to stop every five feet and take photos, when you’re expected to notice and talk about every little detail along the way, it’s so relaxing. Like traveling alone, except with people to talk to.

And so we laughed. And compared tips and stories and shots. We reveled in the amazing colors Glacier offered, actually made more vibrant by the fairly heavy rain. My friend Christy’s Coleman tent magically held off the downpour, which left me strangely giddy. And even the most experienced of us (uh, definitely not me) learned something new about photography.

Here are a few of my shots from the weekend (with more on Flickr):


Fall colors


Three little birds

Avalanche Falls

Berry fractal


We are having a show at the Dark Room in Missoula, with an official opening for First Friday on December 5th –stop by and check out some of the amazing work from the weekend!



1. Connor - November 23, 2008

That picture of the stream is un-freaking-believeable…

2. Kathleen - November 23, 2008

That picture of the berries is re-frickin-diculous.

3. mego - November 26, 2008

All of those photos are in-frickin-credible.

4. Charisma - November 29, 2008

As always, your pictures are truly stunning!

5. miamired - November 29, 2008

Thanks, all! I had a blast taking them.

6. viktoryian - April 20, 2009

Love the picture of the leaf!!! Love it! Beautiful photo!!

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