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Palette love July 6, 2009

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It has recently come to my attention that I am obsessed with palettes.

Strange, I know – especially coming from a person whose paintings are often taken for early grade school projects. Really embarrassingly bad.

But a nice palette makes me giddy. I only just recently pulled together lots of my favorite things to make that connection.

Exhibit A:

The mother of all palettes: Pantone. When feeling stressed in high school journalism, I used to crawl into a corner and flip through the Pantone chart. I still find spreading the fan of colors incredibly high-inducing. I’d like to have one, just to look at it when I’m on the phone or while I’m waiting for the water to boil, but unfortunately, they cost a couple hundred dollars. (yes, for a bunch of pieces of paper with colors on them – but it’s Pantone!) To tide me over, I am still contemplating adding a couple of mugs to my collection, but one or two just can’t compare to the full chic rainbow.


photo from yumsugar.com

To continue the color choosing fun, Kuler. It’s a little-known Adobe online application that is invaluable for choosing colors – whether for a website, a wedding, or just trying to decide on something fun to wear for the day. I also love the palettes people can save and share. With titles like “Christmas in Italy” “Venezuelan Beach” or even “Chocolate Mint Coffee” – I find them incredibly transporting. You can also get colors based on an uploaded photo. This has saved my life during more than one boring period at more than one boring job.


As part of my move, I’ve been spending more time than usual perusing paint palettes at Lowe’s and Home Depot. One dresser I painted a classic Decorator’s White, but the nightstand will gets its last coat today of – Tucson Teal (the darkest shade)! So fun!


I recently came across this blog, Creative Holly Color, where she posts palettes based on people or events, personal or famous.

I am convinced that I was an artist in some past life, as my favorite shopping might possibly be art supply stores, where there’s very little my art-incapable self can actually use.

green palette, scrapbooking

scrapbook store, Great Falls, MT

So many colors, so many shades!


Happy 4th! July 3, 2009

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Hope you’ll be somewhere warm, with a cold beer in hand and some picnic food on a paper plate. I’m headed up to the lake with friends – should be fun!

Happy birthday Mom!

4th of July cake

Gangsta firecrackers

Gangsta firecrackers



fireworks finale

Back to basics July 3, 2009

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With as much time as I spend online, and as much as I love everything from browsing Amazon or the NYTimes online to reading blogs on Google Reader to doing a little html/CSS editing of my own, my heart is still with paper.

I’m working at a stationery shop, and I can tell you that it’s a bit dangerous. I love the texture, the smell, the way ink slides across the page. I find unlined bound journals irresistible, despite having at least ten. Maybe more. Paper cutters bring me great joy. I have to steer clear of the wooden stapler that’s calling my name. I attempt to bring home a paycheck.

And so I am loving my newest project, a scrapbook/journal/record of my year in Spain. It’s a little late, I know, which is one of the concerns. The further in the past one tries to recall, the hazier the memories often become. And I’m a little wary of the “scrapbook” title and its suburban soccer mom connotation. But now is as good a time as any, and I’ve finally found the perfect book, ordered all of the digital photos from Snapfish, gathered up all of the brochures, tickets and random paper schnipsels I’ve saved all along, and so it’s back to basics with paper, scissors, about four kinds of glue/tape and LOTS of pens.

Now I just need to find a space to spread out all of my paper goodness and get down to getting it all together. Wish me luck!