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Goodbye to a classic movie store May 22, 2010

Posted by Emily in Missoula.
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It was small and kind of dark. A lot of times there were dogs lazing just inside the front door. A large percentage of the movies were still VHS. The likelihood of a Kevin Smith movie playing on the tiny TV was always very high. But if you were looking for some obscure foreign film, or a movie made by or about someone local, Crystal Video was the place to go.

I’m as guilty as the next person – I get Netflix, sometimes I hit the Redbox. Sure, I dropped in from time to time, but time to time is not how most businesses are run. It’s like people who don’t subscribe to the newspaper bitching about the downfall of printed media. I get the irony.

But it’s a shame that small, local places like this can’t really make it in this ever-changing world of how we get our media – whether we’re talking VHS vs. DVD  vs. BluRay or in a local rental shop vs. online vs. a grocery store kiosk. How do you compete with Netflix’s thousands of movies, delivered to your doorstep the next day?

But I’m sad to see it go. It’s been making me think over the last couple of weeks about the state of things, and what choices I can make to shift the tide.



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