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Catching up: Portland April 8, 2010

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With an online presence comes online responsibilities, of sorts. One of my favorite blogs announced yesterday that they are going to stop posting so that they can devote more time to other things in their lives. And I respect that prioritizing, even as I’ll miss reading their blog.

As for me, I don’t make money from my blog or from posting to Flickr or Facebook. When I get home from work, where I spend the whole day online, I often have zero interest in pulling out my computer to do some of my personal stuff online. And so I’m perennially a couple of months behind. And sometimes it bugs me – I’d like to post more up to date photos and not play catch up all of the time – but I’ve just decided not to let it stress me out too much. When I have something to write about, I post. When I have a night at home and nothing else I’d rather be doing, I upload photos. Maybe one of these days I’ll get all caught up. Or maybe not.

At any rate, thought I’d take advantage of the new WordPress slideshow option to post some photos from Portland, a trip that took place…just under two months ago, over President’s Day/Valentine’s Day weekend.

Pardon my tardiness.

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These photos and more in my Portland Flickr set.


Californ-i-a! November 9, 2009

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After months of feeling the pull of wanderlust, I’m taking advantage of the Veteran’s Day holiday this week and am heading to California to see my dear friend in Berkeley. We’re going to hit up San Francisco’s Mission District for burritos, Sonoma for wine tasting, and take a drive along the California coast. We have plans for the ethnic food I’ve so been craving (maybe Indian? Ethiopian? Ghanaian? who knows?!) and a moment (or many) of indulging my love for all things Swedish at both H&M and IKEA. I can’t wait.

Photo-taking awaits. For once I’ll have something new and exciting to post to the blog. More soon!

Celebrating Córdoba November 16, 2008

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As was well documented in this blog, Córdoba and I had sort of a love/hate relationship when I lived there. It’s a strange city, one so focused on the past and its pedigree among top historical sites that it sometimes neglects its present. Córdoba has a strong alternative side, though, a counterpart to the ubiquitous pijo-ness that can be witnessed at certain bars, in Plaza Corredera, and by the female, Communist mayor. And its traditional cuisine is famous in Spain, especially salmorejo and flamenquín.

But needless to say, there are things I miss (among those things, salmorejo and flamenquín!). And since the episode of Spain…On the Road Again airing this evening on PBS focuses on Córdoba and nearby wonderful Granada, I thought I’d take a moment to celebrate what Córdoba does have to offer, both for tourists and for those who might leave the Judería and stick around for a while.

I’ll offer up my personal recommendations and favorite spots in the next day or two, but in the meantime, there’s really one reason people flock to Córdoba – the Mezquita. When I lived in Córdoba, I would stop in to the Mezquita, free before 10 am, from time to time. These are some of my shots from those mornings.

Music: “Córdoba (Soleá)” – Vicente Amigo from the album “Ciudad de las Ideas”

As for Granada, check out a few of my many Alhambra photos on Flickr.