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Serendipitous March 29, 2009

Posted by Emily in jobs schmobs, Montana, photography, working.
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Isn’t life weird sometimes?

After more months than I wish to count bumming around my hometown, doing a fair amount of reading and some dog walking mixed in with a lot of job applying and general internet time, all it took was one little catalyst to get things moving differently. And now, all of a sudden, everything is moving along at quite a clip in ways I would not have anticipated even a few months ago.

The temporary job I took last month is wrapping up but it looks like I’ll be staying on for a while part time. I just got hired on at a new part time job in town, one that is perfect for the recession. It doesn’t pay well, but it is something that speaks to one of my passions, something I maybe couldn’t do longterm but hope to really enjoy for a while. I’ve been on a string of housesitting gigs, one of which may turn into somewhere I can live through the summer paying only minimal rent. I’ve started seeing someone new. Things are falling into place so nicely.

I’ve been too occupied to pay too much attention to Google Reader, email, even Flickr and this blog. And that’s a good thing. A little internet time today is nice, but I’m out there taking photos, meeting friends for dinner, getting outside. It’s wonderful.

More soon.